The last time I sat in this room, in fact it may be the exact same room, I was throwing up due to immense pain. Today I am sitting here almost with excitement because as strange as it may sound my gynecologist is back. She has solved a lot of problems and prevented a lot of pain over the years so it always seems like I am catching up with a friend, not discussing my uterine woes.

Although one of my dearest friends is sitting in a similar appointment today and finding out if she is having a boy or girl I am not sitting here for baby talk. It has only been six months. And not like wow we have been trying for six months. Like we have been married six months and are getting to know each ther better, and sorting out our lives and our home and being us. Enjoying the new pleural and living life. 

Sure I am baby crazy. I have been probably since I was 14. That doesn't mean I need to be pregnant or be obsessing about trying. It just means I love children and one day will have some. 

Regardless, I have high hopes this appointment is more the catch up with a old friend than the throw up and ruin my shoes like last time.  With fingers crossed.


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