Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will hurt forever.

I am awful when it comes to movie or television quotes. I can basically watch the movie, you can quote it, and I will stare blankly. However, Jeff is quite the opposite. He rattles off quotes all the time and I always give him the same blank stare. I do have a few exceptions though. Scrubs, I can say random things from Scrubs all day. Also 500 Days of Summer, Scott Pilgrim and song lyrics. That is all.

So when the album Sticks and Stones came on from New Found Glory as I ran all I could think about was Scrubs. This is entirely how I think. Few real thoughts seem to come without music. Music is definitely my muse. However, this is about words.

I am one of those people that feels deeply. I take comments into consideration, I re-evaluate what has been said and take things to heart. Words hold meaning. So as much as it would have been nice to be the one to receive flowers for this day that is supposed to celebrate my current employment the words I was sent actually mean more.Especially ones from a physician on holidays.

"I am enjoying the great weather here in Palm Springs but wanted to drop  you a note to say what a fantastic job you are doing and how pleased I am that you decided to stay with us!

You are a natural at this type of position.

Thank you"

Another physican came up and said she had to be nice to me today as she hugged me and apologized that she didn't remember until today otherwise she would have brought flowers. The truth is she always looks out for me and a hug meant more than flowers would.

It is nice to feel appreciated. To have someone acknowledge you. So as flowerless as I may be I actually found some words that will stick for quite some time to hold on to.

addendum. After writing this I went to teach my pilates class. Week three. Somehow 18 people showed up. It seemed confusing but ended with unexpected praise. Perhaps the words were out there. As I head out of the room to the lockers to change my boss found me and gave me a thank you card with a backpack. I was more appreciated than I knew that is for sure.


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