The sun has finally come out. It feels like it has been winter for years. This is first whole Canadian winter I have been back for in a very long time. And I just have forgotten that winter here encompasses the time of three seasons. Or perhaps it's just because it has been winter since the week after our wedding. Regardless, seeing the sun on the mountains this weekend was stunning.

I mean look at it. The way the mountains looked from our room just reminded me that there is so much out there. I get so caught up in my routine. Work, dinner, family time, sleep. Repeat. Generally, my life exists in such a small area that I neglect to look out and see that the mountains are so close and that they have so much to share. So it was amazing to get away for a night.

Although prior to this relationship I had found valentines day to be nothing more than a commercial joke I shall admit I love it. Previously the only vday date I had had was to a monster truck rally. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing. But it wasn't a day that made me feel loved or like I was someone's something. 

Then last year happened. We had been dating a month. Ages, I know. And Jeff had planned for us to go to Banff to the spa. I was in awe. I had never done something so fancy, for any occasion. So we went and I felt so spoiled and in awe. It was everything a girl could want for valentines day. It made me feel like I really was out of the ordinary.

So we went back this year. And the awe hadn't worn off. This year we stayed at the hotel for a night and as we wandered around I just couldn't believe that this was my life. That I could ever be so lucky to have someone that would take the time to spoil me. 

So as much as I might whine about commercialism I have grown to love this holiday because it's a time when we go out of our daily routine to remind people that we care. And it's an excuse to do something nice.

And it gives me an appropriate reason to brag about the fact that my husband spoils me. I felt like a princess this weekend at the spa in the mountains. Especially as it's a great place to people watch and wonder, like the girl my age with a husband near 60 or the mother that yelled at her family for letting the serving staff touch her utensils while leering the table. People be crazy.


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