I remember one time a friend's husband went out of town for the first time since their marriage. She texted me in the middle of the night being unable to sleep without him there. I thought it was strange, I mean she had spent over two decades without him and such a short time with him so why would a night matter? I had no comprehension at all.

So when Jeff's work trip finally came up I thought two and half days would be so quick. I had tons of plans and figured he would be home before I noticed. I get it now. It felt like forever. The first night we facetimed while I was at Zainers. And as I sat on her couch talking to him I realized how glad I was we could talk, I felt myself smile as we laughed and my heart ached a bit. It had been like 16 hours and I missed Jeff. More than imaginable. Day two came and went with work and the temple and dinner with my mother dearest. So when I finally got home I was exhausted. I just wanted to crawl into bed.

However, I kept hearing creepy noises. Which meant I had to facetime my little sister until I locked myself in the bedroom with the only solution being I had to stay in there til work in the morning as clearly someone was trying to murder me. Jeff seemed much less concerned than I was. And ultimately I woke up alive in the morning. However, I learned a lot.

I learned that once I got used to always having someone around that I felt safe. And when that was taken away I was like a baby. Every noise frightened me. I even began to wish I knew my neighbours so I could make them walk through my house and make sure a murderer wasnt there, but then I realized maybe that was the murderers plan, he would lure me out to the neighbours and get us all! So I couldnt do that.

I also realized that a day or two days is a really long time. It isnt like we work together and never are apart. But knowing that someone you love is too far to see them makes all the difference. I just like knowing that even if I am at work or hes at a meeting that if I needed something Jeff would be there. I think I like this whole marriage thing.

And maybe now I get why other people used to tell me about how hard it was being away from their partner as I finally have someone that means that much to me.


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